Republican Policies in Action Work!

Conservative leadership in Idaho has proven that Republican policies in action work to build Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity. Americans have noticed and are moving here to realize the American dream. Rankings show Idaho as one of the best states for families and businesses to thrive. No wonder for the past two years, Idaho has been the fastest growing state in America.

2nd on the Family Prosperity Index, published by the Family Prosperity Initiative.

2nd on the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Outlook rankings, published by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

2nd best state for gun owners, according to Guns & Ammo magazine.

3rd on the Lawsuit Climate Survey, conducted by the Institute for Legal Reform.

4th best state for the middle class, according to SmartAsset.

5th best state for business overall, according to USA Today.

5th safest state overall, according to US News & World Report.

6th lowest poverty rate, according to the US Census Bureau.

Under Republican leadership, Idaho is meeting changing times with conservative governance that reflects, and respects, our Idaho values.