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In gubernatorial debates Republicans ready to lead, Democrats not ready for prime time

April 23, 2018 In back-to-back Primary gubernatorial debates, the major candidates for governor gave Idaho voters a stark contrast: Stumbling Democrats offered vague rhetoric with little detail, while Republicans showed a firm command of the issues. In a debate on Idaho Public Television Sunday, Democratic gubernatorial candidates A.J. Balukoff and Paulette Jordan struggled to answer…

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The numbers tell the story: Idaho’s economy is getting better & better

Last summer Bloomberg’s Economic Evaluation of the States named Idaho as “the top performing economy among U.S. states.” Using indicators such as personal income, employment and home prices, Idaho was far and away the winner for economic health. Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the nation. Many Americans are voting with their feet and deciding…

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What a gun ban could mean to Idaho’s people & economy

April 10, 2018 Democrats and many of their allied organizations — including “Better Idaho,” which as we noted last week is a front group for the national left-wing ProgressNow and Democracy Alliance networks, and is running deceptive ads against Republicans — support a sweeping gun ban that would make illegal many, if not most, of the guns being…

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