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Idaho Democrats Want to Subvert Electoral College, Make Idahoans’ Presidential Vote Worthless

Feb. 12, 2019 Boise – Idaho Democrats in the state Legislature have introduced a bill to effectively nullify the Electoral College as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, disrupt the constitutional balance of power between larger and smaller states, and deprive Idaho of its power in electing presidents. The Idaho Republican Party says the bill, identical…

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Let’s Keep Idaho Great! In the Nov. 6 Election, Vote Idaho Values & Vote Republican.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 is Election Day. Your choices will be very clear: Between Republicans who will respect and protect Idaho values as we go through changing times, and Democrats who want to “change” Idaho with policies that are more at home in California, Seattle, or Portland.   Under Republican leadership, Idaho is thriving and still…

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Details on How & Where to Vote on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 6. Vote Idaho Values & Vote Republican!

Tuesday, Nov. 6 is Election Day! Your vote is very important — if you haven’t voted already, be sure to go to your voting place, or turn in your absentee ballot, by 8 pm on Tuesday. If you don’t know where to vote, click here for the Secretary of State’s Idaho Votes page, enter your address,…

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Democrat State House Candidate Calls Unnamed “Faith Group” in Idaho Xenophobic, Implies Her Republican Opponent is a Nazi

District 5 Democratic candidate for state House Laurene Sorensen yesterday called an unnamed “faith group” in Idaho xenophobic and implied her Republican opponent is a Nazi. Her remarks come on the heels of Democrat Kristin Collum, running for Lieutenant Governor, calling her Republican opponent a “racist” to Idaho Reports yesterday and a “white nationalist” on KID newsradio this morning.

Kristin Collum’s Response to Chief Security Officer’s Ties to Online Harassment of McGeachin Inadequate, Tone-Deaf

Oct. 31, 2018 Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Kristin Collum this morning released a wholly inadequate and evasive statement responding to evidence that her self-described Chief Security Officer, Jerry Decime, may be the same person as “Patch Eudor,” an online troll who for months has been harassing Republican Janice McGeachin with manipulated images, photos, and false accusations that she…

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Is Kristin Collum’s ‘Chief Security Officer’ the Same Online Troll Who’s Been Harassing Janice McGeachin?

Oct. 30, 2018 Is Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Kristin Collum’s “Chief Security Officer” the same sleazy online troll who’s been harassing Republican Janice McGeachin for months? It sure looks that way. “Patch Eudor” appears to be an alias for Jerry Decime, a man Collum somewhat grandly calls her “Chief Security Officer” on her campaign website (see below for…

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Help Our Candidates Win on Nov. 6!

  Dear Fellow Idaho Republican, With little more than a week until Idaho’s historic 2018 elections, your Idaho Republican Party is hard at work to get our message out to Idahoans and turn out the vote. Make no mistake, we are doing everything in our power to achieve success for our entire team on November…

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Paulette Jordan Promotes Offensive “Art” Comparing Herself to Mary, Mother of Jesus, At Her Own Art Show

Oct. 28, 2018 At a Boise art show/campaign fundraiser featuring art about herself on Friday, Oct. 26, Democrat candidate for governor Paulette Jordan featured a highly offensive painting depicting herself as the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.   In the painting, Jordan takes the place of Mary as Mary originally appeared in the image…

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Friday, Oct. 26 at 5PM is the Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot!

You can still request an absentee ballot to vote in the Nov. 6 Election — but the deadline to submit a request to your County Clerk is tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 26, at 5PM. Since the deadline is so soon, you won’t have time to mail in your request form, so you have two options: First Option:…

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