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It’s Back to School Time! See how Idaho is making big strides in K-12 education.

Did you know that Idaho ranks first in the nation for year-to-year increases in teacher pay? Or that we rank sixth in the nation for yearly increases in total K-12 funding? You may not, because of the (false) narrative going around that Idaho ranks at or near the bottom of nearly every education metric. In fact, Idaho schools are making great strides!

Nope, Idaho’s Not a ‘Scroll-Down State.’ Lots of Positive Stats Refute the Negative Spin!

Most of us know Idaho is a great place to live, work and raise a family. You may not get that impression from some of the negative news coverage, or from the Down-on-Idaho Democrats who call Idaho a “scroll-down state” and spend most of their time trying to make Idaho look bad, but Idahoans are making great strides — on jobs, economic growth, education, quality of life, and more!

Idaho Ranks 5th in the Nation for College Readiness!

US News & World Report, partnering with McKinsey, just ranked the top ten states in the nation where students are most prepared for college, and Idaho earned the Number 5 spot! Overall, 55.2 percent of Idaho students are ready for college. Republican leaders in Idaho are in the midst of a multi-year effort to improve…

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