Roger Hunt

State Representative Legislative District 13 Seat B

Biography & Background

I have an agricultural background and grew up on the family ranch in Montana. I hold a BA in political science from Brigham Young University and a Masters degree in International Business Management from the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, (now part of the University of Arizona). I retired from Graybar Electric in 2010 after thirty years with the company. I have served 4 years on the Nampa School Board and have run twice for the state legislature from district 12, losing by 92 votes the last time 8 years ago. I am a strong constitutional conservative and believe our rights come from God not man, that the U.S. Constitution was written by men inspired by God in a way so as to protect our rights.

Top 3 Issues:

1. The ugly rise of tyranny at the state and federal level, especially over the last two years.
2. Wasteful spending of our money on unconstitutional projects and bureaucracies that harness the taxpayer with too high taxes and too many rules and regulations.
3. Acceptance of, and a growing dependency on, federal money and the subsequent strings attached that threaten our rights and way of life in Idaho.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

Taxation section 2 item C: I think the property tax should be abolished.
State Legislature: I believe in term limits.
Article XIV, American Family, section 3: I think abortions should be allowed if the health of the mother is in danger by her pregnancy, and in some cases of rape or incest.

Contact Info: