Natalie Fleming

United States Senator

Headshot of Natalie Fleming for United States Senate Idaho Republican Primary

Biography & Background

Natalie Fleming spent her early childhood in eastern Oregon. Natalie’s summers were spent on the Brown Family high desert ranch and winters in Bend. Adversity struck and her family lost the ranch by the time she was 13 years old, but the desire for soil, the challenges of ranching, and caring for it never left her blood.

Natalie came to Moscow, Idaho at 13 and spent her middle school and high school years up north. Natalie always told her kids, “I walked to school in a foot of snow, uphill both ways.” They didn’t believe her until her oldest moved to Moscow years later.

After graduation, Natalie worked for a Software and Computer Networking company in Utah, WordPerfect/Novell corporation. There she learned how to solve complex issues quickly, communicate technical crud in common terms, calmly walk anyone through a crisis, and invent creative solutions to countless random needs.

Natalie traveled quite a bit while her children were little with their father. She learned the challenges of living in a foreign country with small children while in Taiwan for a half year. Natalie epically failed to learn Mandarin while caring for her children.

Natalie brought her children to Nampa Idaho on Independence Day in 2002 and raised them in the Treasure Valley.Once in Idaho Natalie began dabbling in database development and made some pretty cool stuff. She bought a few more programming books at yards sales and studied up. Then built a massive yard sale website that covered the entire country. She built “GarageSaleNation.com” that mapped out the yard sales of 1,200 newspapers. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about marketing and it bombed wonderfully as she kept it running for three years.

She went back to focusing on her 4 children. Natalie often says that each of her children is more challenging than all of them combined.

Natalie returned to the workforce by building the equivalent of the Insurance Exchange for a small insurance company. That company took the enterprise wide product and took over the state in the Individual Health Insurance policy market. It was one of the few to survive the transition to Obamacare. When Natalie was done with the complex system, the company was paper-free and put their filing cabinets into storage.

Later Natalie built a solution for a non-profit servicing company that manages all the applications for 36 states letting users could fill out the basic data once, then the app completed all the non profit forms for each state. Nerdy stuff.

Natalie’s next app will be TerraAI, a prescriptive land management platform.

Natalie learned to be kind, fierce, loving, devoted, strong, faithful, ingenious, creative, determined, heartfelt, tender-hearted, God-fearing, face the dragons stand up woman.

Top 3 Issues:

1. America needs strong, Family Focused Free Market economic security. Congress forgot that the American Family is the one preeminent economic institution. Instead, Congress measures American Economic progress by the worth of megacorps. America is economically secure as more Americans own their homes, their cars, even their phones outright. When you own your home, and lose your job, your home is secured. During the last economic downturn, the Feds packaged the homes that would have sold at auction to American families, into bundles and paid international equity firms to take them, cutting your families out. With Congressmen bought and paid for by Corporations, the ideal “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” is promoted through congressional legislation. Congress pits the American Family against billion-dollar corporations with families on the losing side. Congress is currently legislating corporate bias into every economic and social legislation shoving America from Free Markets to Crony Capitalism. The promotion of perpetual debt of every American working from youth past retirement age, perpetually making payments forever is crimpling the American family. Massive International Corporations sweep into communities buying up the homes, leaving Americans with crumbling rentals instead of fulfilling the American Dream of home-ownership. More than 75% of Americans do not fully own their homes as the rise and fall of manipulated boom/bust markets shove us back and forth like loosening a tooth for removal. Job boom, job bust, were you ready for the last bust?
2. We will always uphold the great American MultiPartisan tradition that all people are created equal and are worthy of a voice in running our Great Society as this is built into the fabric of our great constitution. Working together for solutions to free us from political whiplash legislation every 4-8 years. You cannot dismiss multi partisanship and claim to cling to the United States Constitution. Foreign Nations mocked the American ideal that we could self-rule through the many voices of the peoples. We prove them wrong with each generation. Autocratic partisan executive orders circumventing the lasting work of actual legislation are no more than the quick gratification of water-soluble band-aids on bullet wounds. Giddy executive orders dissolve with the next election. Lasting solutions are only achieved through teamwork, the entire team. We must reject the battle cry that those with differing perspectives are the boogeymen. Stop, sit, and listen, lay it all out and figure it out. Multipartisan legislation is the core job of Congress. We begin by choosing to respect others as our fellow Children of God. Their lives are ordained by God just as yours is. They were given their experiences to enlighten their minds just as yours is. The Lord put them in your path to learn from them and they from you. We must treat others with respect and honor as they too were made in the Image of God. The principle of multi partisan legislation Makes America Great. Let’s make America Great Again.
3. We simply cannot vote for Mike Crapo. Crapo’s $5 million funds from mostly Megacorps and less than 4% of that comes from Idaho voters. Crapo represents the Megacorps buying the American dream cutting out you and me. The Corporations, CEO’s the CFO’s and their spouses expect their money’s worth from Crapo. I represent the people of Idaho only. I watch my family loose the farm 30 years ago. Ten years ago, I watched as millions of Americans lost their homes while Crapo and Congress bailed out the financial sector cutting out the American Family from home ownership. They do not see us as worthy; they believe we must be “managed” by them. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” says the World Economic Forum. Meanwhile, Congress does nothing while Megacorps harvest our private data to manage us because the government is doing the same thing. We must protect our right to privacy especially in the Information Age. We became the greatest nation in the known history of the earth without the loss of privacy and we do not need to give up our privacy to progress. I am a rancher’s land loving daughter, I am the fierce and strong single mother, I am the brave special needs mom overcoming unproven ground, I am the innovative enterprise-wide software developer who can find simple solutions in a mess of confusion. God returned me with my children to Idaho to protect us. I must repay the debt to protect Idaho families.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

Article I Section 3 Repealing 17th Amendment: I believe US. Senators should be elected by citizens not appointed by the Idaho Legislature.
Article I Section 4 Sound Currency: Return to the Gold and Silver Standard. Neither gold nor silver have any value to me.
Article III Section 3: Charter schools: Add, Charter School boards must require locally elected School boards comprised from participating students’ parents.
Article III Section 9: Technology in Education: Add, Children and families must be protected from Data Harvesting and manipulation of any kind by scholastic software providers at every step. Publicly funded schools must have significant security protocols.
Article IV Section 5: Agriculture: Add Section 5: Idaho’s lands/farmlands must be protected from foreign purchases and ownership.
Article IV Section 6: Agriculture: Add Section 6: Support, promote, protect, and prioritize family farms over corporate expansion.
Article XIV Section 2 Traditional Family. I recognize the traditional family as the fundamental unit of society, and I feel compassion, value and respect for others who make a different family choice. Thus, I am honestly conflicted on the Government’s role in families. The traditional family is the greatest protection for children, we live in difficult time and must exercise compassion for all.
Article XV Older Americans: Add Section 3: I oppose income taxes on up to moderate income retirement funds.
Article XV Older Americans: Add Section 4: I oppose property taxes on older Americans.
Add Article XIX: Data Privacy Bill of Rights. It’s time for Idaho’s constitutional protections to catch up with to technology.
Add Article XX: Economically secure Idaho families stabilize our economy building resilience against market fluctuations, reduce welfare and dependency, and protects children. Open Family-Focused Free Market Economy bias. Our Free-Market system has a currently corporate bias, families must have priority over corporations.
Section 1: Legislative Bias towards large corporations leverages families into perpetual debt and hardships. Free Market Capitalism can and should have a family household unit bias as opposed to what is known as “crony capitalism”.
Section 2: Promote of family home ownership. Families should not have to compete against multi-billion-dollar International Equity Firms when buying homes. Idaho’s economy is most secure as families own their own properties outright over corporations and rentals. All new single-family homes should initially be sold to owner occupied preference with families given first choice. Multifamily properties up to 4-plexes should have an owner-occupied unit.
Section 3: Limitation of HOA’s powers over homeowners.