Megan Conrad Landen

State Representative Legislative District 18 Seat B

Biography & Background

Megan Conrad Landen has actively engaged in grassroots politics since 2012. Even as a busy mother of babies and toddlers, Megan felt a pressing civic duty to participate in defending and promoting the principles of liberty. She has held the office of Precinct Committeewoman (PC), Legislative District Chair for 18, and is currently serving as the PC for 1814 and 1st Vice Chair for Ada County. As 1st Vice Chair, she led the efforts on writing and adopting the first ever Strategic Plan for the County. She also provided leadership for the county’s historic grassroots efforts for the 2021 municipal races in Ada County, ultimately assisting to flip multiple critical seats.

Megan graduated with a degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in 2004. She is currently a student at The Mission Driven Mom Academy and a graduate student at Northwest Nazarene University. She has used her educational opportunities to critically analyze public policy and seek solutions to political and social issues within a framework of Natural Law and constitutional principles.

As a long-time resident in Southeast Boise, Megan has consistently invested in the children and families of her community. Megan has taught preschool, high school literature, and substituted in K-12 classrooms for the Boise School District. She has led community youth programs, lobbied and testified for legislation on education, and worked professionally to provide aftercare for survivors of human trafficking. She and her husband of almost 20 years have five children, a flock of chickens, and a fluffle of rabbits. She loves to grow fruit trees and converted her front yard into an orchard as part of “forest school” with her children during COVID.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Affordable costs of living: Megan is deeply concerned with our current financial and economic challenges. Inflation, rising property values (and taxes), reckless Federal spending, and the failure of local wages to keep pace with all these added expenses are a major cause for alarm. Megan will work to implement legislation that is grounded in sound financial principles, that will reduce governmental regulations which overburden free enterprise, and that will provide lasting hedges against inflation and recession. Idaho’s families deserve the dignity of being capable of providing for themselves. Leaders have an ethical imperative to understand and implement tried and tested principles of financial wellbeing that set the environment where financial independence is an attainable reality for every Idahoan who desires such dignity.
2. Increasing Economic Opportunities: A sound understanding of what enables and fosters the development of livable wages is critical for ensuring the long-term future of Idaho. Our founding fathers built the original economy largely on a system which provided unprecedented opportunities to be the master of one’s own time, skills, and income through being an entrepreneur and business owner. Especially as a result of the COVID crisis, we have seen large corporations receive federal funding bailouts and squeeze out their smaller competitors. This is not a part of the free enterprise system, this is an artificially created unfair advantage, and is at the heart of the anti-monopoly laws our country has passed over the last 150 years. Continuing moves toward monopolistic business practices sever us from financial and labor independence and fosters an attitude of passive consumption rather than the proactive and innovative development of services and goods. Megan sees Idaho as a shining city on a hill and an opportunity to show the nation the marvel a truly free market economy can be. Megan will work to tirelessly support legislation which is in line with principles of free enterprise and an environment of economic liberty and independence
3. Civility: In Megan’s experiences over the years at the Capitol and in grassroots politics, she has seen the salient need for a return to civility toward all. For example, Megan affirms the 1st amendment rights of protesters to make known their dissatisfaction with public officials and policies. This is an important element to ensuring a free society and to promoting needed changes. However, with rights also come duties. As citizens, we have the duty to ensure we use our freedom of speech responsibly. As such, Megan condemns the practice of doorstep mobs, threats of violence, and intimidating an official’s family to apply political pressure. These practices undermine the stability of our constitutional government. Megan is a student of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s and seeks to embody the principle of non-violent protest. As he historically articulated, “nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.” We will often disagree and disagree vehemently even at times. Regardless, Megan will seek to extend and encourage practices of civility toward all through her legislative service.

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