Keith Newberry

State Senator Legislative District 32

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Biography & Background

I grew up in Southern Ohio, and when I graduated high school I joined the US Navy in the Navy’s nuclear program in 1984. This brought me to Idaho Falls as a student at the Naval Reactors Facility. I met my wife Barb here and when I discharged from the Navy we returned to Idaho Falls with our three children in 1992, where we still reside. My wife Barb and I have 10 grandchildren. I am a liberty minded candidate. I lost my job at the Idaho National Laboratory over unconstitutional mandates. I will fight for and defend the rights outlined in the US Constitution and the Idaho State Constitution. I believe we need smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes. I believe that protection of individual liberty is a founding principle of our nation, I am defending mine and I will defend my children’s, my grandchildren’s, and I will defend yours.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Corruption in the state legislature. Good bills often do not make it out of the House of Representatives and when they do they get killed in Senate Committees. I think some of this has to do with lobbyist backing of certain types of legislation.
2. Unconstitutional overreach by Governor Little associated with maintaining the state of emergency greater than 60 days. Declaring lockdowns and who are essential or unessential workers. Small businesses were closed and major chains stayed open. Some of these small businesses were unable to recover. A legislature that by and large except for a few of them that stood by and let it continue. This points back to the corruption in the legislature
3. Idaho has high income tax, grocery sales tax, and there are issues with property taxes that need to be addressed.

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