Kayla Dunn

State Senator Legislative District 9

Biography & Background

Kayla Dunn is a Nevada transplant who moved to Idaho for work related reasons. She moved from a small patriotic town in Nevada.

Kayla has always been passionate about education. Raised by a single mother, Kayla grew up in poverty and in a dysfunctional home. She dropped out of school due to her living circumstances. She eventually went back to school and went on to graduate college. Kayla understands hard work and what it means to achieve the American dream.

Kayla Dunn has been a political activist and education advocate for over 10 years. She fought against common core, along with high stakes testing that collected data on children. She led many grassroots movements to include a governor recall effort.

While living in Nevada, she helped get out the vote by door knocking and poll watching. When she moved to Idaho, she assisted to identify and train school board candidates. Kayla led and organized healthcare workers to help form the group that is now known as Take a Stand Now. She rallied and motivated thousands of healthcare workers in order to assist them in fighting for their right to exercise informed consent.

Kayla loves working with children, especially disadvantaged youth. She worked as a substitute teacher predominately at Title 1 schools, and was also a private tutor. She holds an associates degree in management and a bachelors of science degree in Business and marketing.

Kayla currently lives in Idaho with her spouse, their 5 children and two dogs. She is happily married to a Navy Veteran who is a Texan who has deep roots in farming and ranching. She helps her children run a bakery business and serves as a parental rights and education advocate.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Parental rights and ecuational choice As a parental rights advocate, I believe that we need more parental oversight in our public schools. Parents should be a part of choosing curriculum and should be able to have access to their children at any time. Parents should be able to comment at school board meetings publicly and should not be limited to email comments only. Parents should have the final say in what happens to their children, without unnecessary governmental interference to include school choice. As a former recipient of a school choice voucher, I am a champion for choice. My children were able to thrive because we were able to attend private education. For some, public schools work, but for others, they don’t, and we need to allow every parent to make the best choice for their child’s specific learning needs.
2. Abortion As a born again Christian, I believe that life begins at conception. I have been actively advocating against abortion, and my family financially sponsors ultrasounds for mothers who are contemplating abortion. Furthermore, I believe that Roe V Wade should be overturned. I believe that although there may be devastating circumstances in which a child is conceived, that child deserves a chance at life. I believe that we should offer any support necessary to assist a woman in preserving the life of her baby.
3. Critical Race Theory and social justice teaching in schools I reject any social justice curriculum or anything that resembles CRT that seeks to divide America. Teaching CRT and social justice in classrooms in overreach. While I acknowledge the struggles that we have faced as a country, we have grown and become a place where anyone can thrive with hard work. I came from a dysfunctional home. I was raised by a single mother who was an addict, experienced homelessness, poverty, and none of it had to do with my skin color as much as it did. I believe that we are all created equal under God. Additionally, I believe that we should focus on teaching children the foundational principles of America and what makes this country great. Furthermore, we need to tackle race issues on a case by case basis and not give in to the lie that America is systemically racist.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: No