Jerry D. Bingham

State Senator Legislative District 30

Headshot of Jerry Bingham for Idaho State Senate District 30

Biography & Background

I am a farmer living with my family 10 miles west of Blackfoot. I was taught at a young age to work hard, be honest and if something is wrong, make it right. As an elected member of the Snake River School District Board. I experienced first hand some of the dishonesty and disregard for taxpayers money that existed at the time. Now that my five sons and their families are taking over more of the farm responsibilities, I feel that I have the time and resources to make right some of the wrongs I have witnessed encroaching our society. I want to be an honest representative for my community and help stop the destruction of our liberties and freedom.

Top 3 Issues:

1. I am an advocate for Parents being able to choose which school environment is best for their children. I support Charter and Home schooling. I am against Federal manipulation of local school curriculum.
2. Being a farmer, I am well aware of the issues facing Agriculture. I believe that Big Government regulation is a threat to all businesses, families and liberty. Land use and Water rights are to be defended vigorously.
3. 2nd Amendment gun rights are key to a free society. I will defend our God given rights to own and bear arms to my last breath.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: No

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