Jeff Agenbroad

State Senator Legislative District 13

Biography & Background

Jeff Agenbroad is a 5th generation Nampa native who was raised on his family farm in south Nampa. It was his upbringing that instilled the Idaho values of hard work and dedication to the land and his community, and it is those same values that helped Jeff make the bold decision to run for office.
Being mindful of the needs of the people of Nampa and Idaho, has made Jeff a valued member of the Idaho Senate. He knows that jobs, education, taxes, infrastructure and transportation are just some of the big issues his constituents care about.
Jeff was taught that a penny saved is a penny earned and he admires and appreciates the people in his community who worked hard to create prosperity for themselves and their families.
After graduating from Nampa High School, Jeff headed north to attend the University of Idaho where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He wanted to further his education and use his rural background, so he continued his studies at Washington State University’s Northwest Ag Credit School followed by the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington.
Jeff serves as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the Co-Chairman of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, Member of the Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee. Additionally, he serves on Idaho’s Credit Rating and Enhancement Committee, the Idaho Behavior Health Council and is the Chairman of the State Property Review Committee.
Jeff has more than 20 years of experience in banking, and he and his wife Patricia have been small business and farm owners for more than a decade. His life experiences and education give him a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities that small business owners and the agricultural community face daily.
Community involvement is important to Jeff. Aside from proudly serving the great people of District 13, he dedicates his time to many organizations including:
• Snake River Stampede Rodeo – board of directors, past president
• Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, Nampa – past board member, past chairman of the board
• Your Health Idaho – founding board member and past Treasurer
• United Way of Treasure Valley – past board member
• Kiwanis Club of Nampa – past president and member
• Nampa Mercy Housing – past board member
• University of Idaho Canyon County Alumni Association – past president and board member
• St. Paul’s Catholic Church – member
• Nampa Chamber of Commerce – member, past vice chairman and treasurer
Jeff and his wife Patricia live in Nampa, they have two grown children, Tony, and Amy.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability, and Idaho’s Economy. Serving as Co-Chairman of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, I have an opportunity to work with Idaho’s budgets every day of the legislative session. Idaho citizens have entrusted their tax dollars to us with the expectation they will be used conservatively with measurable results. I am proud that Idaho is rated amongst the most fiscally conservative and transparent states in the nation. Additionally, Idaho is the least regulated and most business-friendly state in the nation. It remains important that we continue to manage Idaho’s finances and regulations in a manner that provides opportunity for our citizens and businesses to prosper. It’s also important to me that this is done with the lightest hand of government; both from a taxpayer perspective and a regulatory perspective. A strong economy is key to maintaining the freedoms and quality of life we enjoy. Today, Idaho maintains a record $1 billion surplus in our rainy day savings accounts. We’ve made significant investments in our infrastructure, our education and healthcare systems, while returning a historic tax cut to Idahoans. It is important that we continue to manage the balance of Idaho’s finances by making investments that will provide dividends to Idahoans for generations to come.
2. Education. Investing in Idaho’s education system and our children is a key to our future. A well-educated population provides an environment where our children prosper in Idaho and contribute to the quality of life we enjoy. A strong education system drives business, resulting in more economic opportunities for our citizens to acquire high paying jobs. Idaho’s education results outpace the funding we provide when compared to other states. This is an indication that we utilize our education dollars wisely. That being said, we can do better. Idaho’s school funding formula is outdated and needs replaced. It is important that we recognize the value not only of our hard-working teachers, but all of those who are instrumental in the successes we see in Idaho’s education system. We need to continue to learn from both our successes and our mistakes as we move forward. I recognize that not all students learn equally in the same environment. That’s why I support all manners of education in Idaho, including our public schools, charter schools, private schools, and our home schools. Parental involvement is critical to supporting the success of our children in whatever learning environment they choose.
3. Infrastructure. I support building and maintaining a strong infrastructure throughout Idaho. Infrastructure not only includes our roads, bridges, and water systems, but the connectivity provided by broadband. Infrastructure is the lifeblood to commerce and a strong economy. It allows us to produce goods and services and deliver them to the market. Idaho has committed to us both ARPA money and our revenue surplus to address the significant backlog of deferred maintenance on our roads and bridges over the next several years. As Idaho continues to grow at a record pace, we’ll need to dedicate the resources to address the transportation needs of our growing population. In today’s world, broadband connectivity is critical to Idaho, particularly our rural communities. Robust broadband will improve access to education and healthcare. Idaho has developed a broadband plan and has committed a significant amount of money to improve the connectivity in rural Idaho and improve the speed and bandwidth throughout Idaho. A strong infrastructure system will ensure Idaho’s commerce and quality of life will continue decades into the future.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

I have the following comments regarding the Idaho GOP Platform:
Article I.
Section 1. Fiscal Responsibility

The Social Security System is not statistically nor actuarily solvent. To privatize the system without addressing this issue would result in a significant hardship to its beneficiaries. I support privatizing the Social Security System only when it becomes statistically and actuarily solvent.

Section 4. Sound Currency

A central bank is critical to stabilizing a country’s economy and protecting its currency against other world currencies. Returning to the gold standard would potentially subject the US financial system to manipulation by foreign powers who stockpile and control these resources. I do not agree with abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank, nor returning to the gold standard at this time.

Section 5. Senatorial and Representative Districts

Reapportionment is important to all Idaho citizens and directly affects their ability to have a voice. I don’t support amending Article III of the Idaho Constitution without a better process for reapportionment.

Idahoans are the best suited to manage Idaho lands. The cost to managing federal lands in Idaho will be significant. I don’t support Idaho’s management of land owned by the federal government without compensation to Idaho for managing the federal lands.

ARTICLE XIII. Health and Welfare
The US healthcare system is currently on a fiscally unsustainable path and the Affordable Healthcare Act is a large part of the problem. I support repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act when it can be replaced with a viable alternative.

I agree and support the tenets of the Idaho Republican Party Platform. As an Idaho Senator, my decisions are guided by the will of my constituents, the Republican Party, and ultimately the Constitution.

Senator Jeff Agenbroad

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