Jim Addis

State Representative Legislative District 4 Seat A

Biography & Background

I am running for my third term in the Idaho House of Representatives, District 4, Seat A. I am a life-long registered Republican, and have supported our national, state and local Republican Parties.

I currently serve as Vice-Chair of the House Revenue & Taxation Committee and serve on the Transportation and Resources & Conservation Committees. I also serve as one of 7 members on the Committee on Uniform Accounting and Transparency for Local Governmental Agencies. This committee works with the State Controller’s Office to provide our local citizens more uniform and transparent financial data, from our local taxing entities, to better inform our local taxpayers and decision-makers.

We need to spend less than we take in. we need to leave as much money in our taxpayer’s pockets as possible. When we have a surplus, we need to get that money back to the taxpayer and look at further reducing rates. Our taxes need to be low, fair, simple, and consistent.

After graduating college, I spent two years with the Beatrice Corporation, a large U.S. based conglomerate. I then took the job of National Sales Manager for the largest OEM technical ductile iron foundry west of the Mississippi, Gregg Industries. There I witnessed and participate in, firsthand, American manufacturing, the 400 jobs provided, and the fact that American manufacturing can compete with the world. We shipped iron castings across the United States, to Canada, to Mexico, and as far as Turkey. In 1998 I returned home to rejoin the family business, Tom Addis Lake City Ford Lincoln, and Tom Addis Dodge until we sold in 2016.

I then ran for this office and continue to run for this office to give back, to keep Idaho, Idaho, and ensure we have an economy that our children can have the opportunity to succeed in, the opportunity to build a life in. the opportunity to stay in Idaho, or return to Idaho, if they choose…the key is to give back.

Locally, I have been honored to be a member of Coeur d’Alene Rotary for
approximately 17 years, serving for the past 3 years on their board of directors. I have been a long-time board member of our local Boys and Girls Club, and I served on the board of Concerned Businesses of North Idaho, where we reduced property tax levies in the early 2000’s. In addition, I’ve supported a range of local causes, from Christmas for All, to Children’s Village, to the Make a Wish Foundation, and others.

I am married to my wife, Terri, and we are blessed with our adult daughter, Kendra.

Top 3 Issues:

1. My immediate goal is to continue to increase transparency for our local Idaho taxpayers and public officials to give them the tools to make the necessary budget decisions to help reduce local taxes. At the same time, state officials need better information to help them continue to reduce the state tax burden.
2. I want to work with our federal delegation to increase PILT payments to the state of Idaho. The current amount the federal government reimburses Idaho is far below market rate. If 60-plus percent of the land within Idaho’s border is controlled by the federal government, we should get a fair reimbursement. This would reduce our dependance on other federal funding that may come with onerous conditions.
3. I want to continue to reduce the tax burden on Idaho’s citizens. We pay our sales tax, property tax, and income tax from the same checkbook. All avenues are fair game.

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