Greg Chaney

State Senator Legislative District 11

Biography & Background

I am finishing my fourth term in the Idaho House of Representatives serving Legislative District 10—which includes most of Caldwell. I’ve been a member of the Revenue and Taxation Committee and have been Chairman of the Judiciary, Rules, and Administration Committee for the past three years.

I’ve worked and successfully passed a wide range of legislation ranging from tax reform, increasing campaign finance transparency, and criminal justice reform.

I grew up in rural Canyon County, Idaho, where my family raised beef steers, replacement dairy heifers, and sheep. My father worked for a local dairyman as a farm manager. In high school, when I wasn’t working at home or engaged in a 4-H or FFA project, I worked for area ranchers and dairymen building fence, irrigating, or milking cows.

I graduated from Kuna High School and have a B.A. in Communications and Political Science from Boise State University. I got my law degree at Concordia University School of Law in Boise. After admission to the Idaho State Bar I opened Chaney Law Office, PLLC in Caldwell, Idaho where my emphasis is on civil litigation.

My wife Sarah and I have 6 children between us ranging in age from 10 to 19. Sarah, a former 911 dispatcher, works as the business manager at our law firm and shares my passion for the law and justice.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Keeping Idaho, Idaho. Idaho is a great place to live, work, and raise a family–and people have started to take notice! However, we’ve seen a concerning pattern emerge where “woke” thugs, pretending to be conservative Republicans, have begun insisting on changing the things that have made Idaho such a phenomenal place. Despite nearly 30 years of holding the governor’s office (and much longer holding the legislature), these folks claim that only they know how to keep Idaho red–never mind the decades we’ve been doing it. When given the chance, they show themselves to favor big government and spending–so long as it benefits them. Most concerning they try to silence the voices and votes of their fellow Idahoans by using bully tactics to get their way. They attempt to set up a world where the most aggressive wins—despite lacking either a majority at the ballot box or the most reasoned arguments in the debate. This takes away the power from the voters and gives it to the thugs. Further, it discourages anyone who disagrees with their fringe ideas from even engaging with their government. It is imperative that this nonsense be confronted and the power restored to the voters.
2. Property Taxes Property taxes are too high. However, many proposals that have come through the legislature would either crush taxpayers some other way or threaten to defund police and fire. There are ways to address it otherwise, and I’ve been fighting to get that done–using existing revenue sources. As a member of the Senate, I will continue to fight for taxpayers.
3. Law and Order Idahoans enjoy an incredible quality of life which is due in no small part to our public safety. We have such a safe state that generally we take for granted the incredible work of our law enforcement. However, there is a dangerous and troubling trend among libertarian candidates in the GOP to join with the Democrats in advocating for Seattle or San Francisco style changes to our laws. These elements also claim to “back the blue” while seeking to undermine, dismantle, and defame our men and women in blue. I have been a stalwart supporter of strong law and order in our state, and as a member of the Senate I will continue to do so.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

Art. I, Sec. 4–I believe that the US should end inflationary policies such as quantitative easing, deficit spending, and cash handouts. However, returning to the gold standard or similar policies would increase imports and make exports uncompetitively expense abroad–which would exacerbate our trade deficit and increase our reliance on China and other nations.
Art. I, Sec. 5–I don’t believe we should repeal the commission on reapportionment.
Art. XIV, Sec. 3, Para. A–I believe abortion is murder. However, the statement on the state’s right to defy federal constitutional interpretations is a seditious statement and shouldn’t be part of our platform.

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