Fran Bryson

State Senator Legislative District 31

Biography & Background

I have worked on political campaigns for over fifty years. For every election since 1965, I have been involved in the campaigns of candidates thay aligned with my political views. I served on the Board of Directors for Ventura County Symphony. While there, I learned the satisfaction of bringing beautiful music to our community and had the opportunity to lead people in finding that beauty. I taught early morning seminary for seven years. I was featured in an art gallery in Atlantic Beach, Florida. While there, the NBC Anchor woman purchased one of my paintings. I was raised in a livestock family. The day after school was out, we would move to our summer ranch in the high country. I have worked with children that have ADHD and ADD for many years. My husband and I raised seven of our own children and I enjoy working with the many children in my community. My goal in this campaign is to give the people of Idaho a voice.

Top 3 Issues:

1. Taxes, Spending, and Regulations -Repeal grocery tax -Return $1.9 billion to Idahoans -Reduce spending and waste -Lower taxes
2. Education -Money follows the students -Resist Federal money that dictates terms and curriculum -More local parental control, No IEA/NEA control -Return the curriculum to basic skills and academics
3. Constitution -Honor 2nd amendment rights -Honor 10th amendment rights by reducing reliance on the federal government

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: No