Darnell Shipp

State Representative Legislative District 31 Seat B

Biography & Background

Hello, my name is Darnell Shipp,
I’m running for the Idaho House of Rep. Dist. 31 seat B.
My wife Lucy and I live on the Egin Bench in Freemont County. I have 7 children and 25 grandchildren.
I grew up on a small hobby farm. Horses, cows, pigs, etc. My main chore was to make sure everything had water. There was always milking cows, watering and working the garden.
I was very active in scouting, patrol leader, senior patrol leader, I am an Eagle scout. I have served as Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master as well as committee chairman and counselor for several merit badges.
After I graduated from high school, I took some night classes at Weber State University while working construction. I was later accepted into a 4-year pipefitter apprenticeship where I worked full time and went to school at night for four years. After four years, I turned out as a journeyman pipefitter.
We moved to the Rigby area in 1985, where I worked construction until I was hired at the INL in late 1991, working there for 30 years, 23 years as a maintenance fitter on the reactor and support systems. 2 years in supervision. The last 5 years working as a planner on reactor projects, where I had opportunities to be lead planner over multi-million-dollar projects. I also served as Chair and advisor of the “Employee Safety Team” for many years in the “Voluntary Protection Program” (a safety program that falls under OSHA and the Code of Federal Regulations.) Over the course of 3 decades, I have learned what it means to work under Federal control.
In November of 2021, after standing up for the principle of bodily autonomy, I was forced into early retirement after a 30-year honorable career. I refused the vaccine. For myself, I walked away from a 6-digit income. I have a reputation of strength, integrity, and standing for what is right.
Our home is paid off, we don’t have a car payment. Our biggest worry is inflation and paying rent to the government, for the house we own!
There is a huge RIPPLE effect that is spreading out over this great nation. From the Federal government, and from state to state. I have deep concerns for the “Idaho way of life” The toll that the continued state of emergency proclaimed by Governor Little for the past “14 days to flatten the curve” (725+) days and counting, has been devastating. If the United States is one of the last strongholds of freedom in the world, and Idaho is one of the last strongholds of the Constitution in the United States.
We are in big trouble! We must put an end to this MADNESS. I fear many lawmakers are caving into big money and self-interest. Putting up for sale what we hold precious and dear to our way of life!
We Must Stop this ripple effect before it turns into title waves”!

Top 3 Issues:

1. The smallest form of Government is the Family! • Protect the Rights of the Unborn and Children. Reduce the costs and hassle of adoption. • Protect Idaho Family Values. Support the constitution, not consistently voting with billion-dollar lobbies. • Protect Parent’s Rights. Parents are the Executive Board of the family.
2. Truth in Education: • Education Not Indoctrination. Remember Federal money means fallow federal mandates. • Money Fallows Student. Teaching Competition is huge in public schools. Then why not Competition for funding, quality of teachers, and quality of curriculum? Not all students thrive in a public-school setting and would thrive in another school setting. • Develop Op-In vs Op-Out for all controversial subjects. • Protect parent’s rights. This means Parental involvement in all aspects of the education process.
3. Limited Government and State Sovereignty: • Medical Freedom and Privacy. • Defend the 1stAmendment, Freedom of Speech, the press, and Freedom to Assemble. • Defend the 2nd Amendment, Right to Keep and Bear Arms. • Defend the 4th Amendment, Protection from Unlawful Search and Seizure. (RED FLAG LAWS) • Defend the 10th Amendment, Rights of The State, To Stop Federal Overreach. • Protect Our Farmers. Stand up to the EPA, and other restrictive agencies. • Support Local Law Enforcement and Keep them Independent from Federal Controls. • Support Idaho where we need to on a state level, And Support Local Government where it needs support.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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