Caleb Pirc

State Representative Legislative District 21 Seat B

Biography & Background

Growing up in a middle-class family home right here in Meridian, I experienced first-hand the family values that make Meridian such a unique place to live and raise a family. As a business owner, I have seen how important small businesses are to Idaho’s economy and I know what it takes to ensure that the hard-working entrepreneurs can continue to provide for their families, especially in these economically-challenging times. In high school and college, I had the opportunity to work for U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher and for conservative Idaho legislators in the Idaho House of Representatives allowing me to see first-hand what true constitutional conservative leadership looks like and how to effectively write and pass constitutional legislation in the Idaho Legislature.

For me, Meridian is home. Having grown up right here, I know what makes Meridian the best place in America to live and raise a family and I am fully committed to standing up for these values in the Idaho Legislature. These values are under attack every day in our culture and I am dedicated to the Judeo-Christian principles laid out by the Founding Fathers and will fight for them every day in the Idaho Legislature. Whether it is our religious freedoms, our right to keep and bear arms, or our economic and health freedom, I am committed to being your voice in the Idaho Legislature.

I look forward to taking my experience in Idaho’s government and my experience as a small business owner to the Idaho Legislature to work for you every day. I am grateful for the endorsements of U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher and conservative legislators across Idaho who support my efforts to be your representative, joining them in the fight for true conservative values in Idaho. I want to be your voice and am committed to being as accessible as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point by giving me a call at my personal cell phone: (208) 996-9987, sending me an email: [email protected], or by contacting me through my website. I look forward to being your voice in the Idaho Legislature and together, we can stand for conservatism right here in Idaho.

Top 3 Issues:

1. I am 100% pro-life from conception to natural death. The right to life is an inalienable right granted by God that brings with it inherent value, dignity, and rights. Unfortunately, an activist Supreme Court has legalized and promoted the taking of the most voiceless of all human life: the baby in the womb. As your legislator, I am committed to sponsoring and supporting legislation that protects the rights of every baby in the womb, recognizing that they are a person with inherent value, dignity, and worth given by God.
2. I support lower taxes and regulations. Property taxes are skyrocketing, making it impossible for some to afford a home, and pricing others right out of their homes. I have personally seen how difficult property taxes can be on those trying to make ends meet in our community and I am committed to finding solutions to ensure that we continue to provide essential transportation, police, fire and emergency, and other services to our community while not taxing folks out of our community. As a small-business owner, I have seen first-hand how difficult it is to start and run a business. When government enters the equation through taxes and regulations, it makes it extremely difficult for hard-working families to make ends meet. As our economy struggles under the crippling regulations and policies of the Biden administration, I am committed to standing up against the Federal Government’s attempts to restrict our small businesses. However, it is also essential that legislators in Idaho ensure our laws here do not burden small businesses. With thousands of regulations on the books, it is essential to take steps to continue to drastically reduce regulations and to lower burdensome taxes that threaten the success of small businesses and the hard-working families who run them.
3. I support our inherent inalienable rights protected by the Constitution. Our rights are under attack. Whether it is attempts by Big Tech and the radical left to silence conservative voices, our culture’s attempt to shout down biblical values, the Biden administration’s attempts to infringe on Second Amendment rights, or any of the whole host of attacks on our liberties we have seen, I am committed to standing for individuals’ rights in our economy. I fully support the First Amendment and its protections for the ability to worship God, speak freely, and assemble as individuals choose. I fully support the Second Amendment and will support legislation to push back against any attempts by the Biden Administration to take away or restrict the ability to own, use, or carry firearms and other self-defense tools. I fully support an individual’s ability to make their own health decisions in consultation with their doctor, not some unelected bureaucrat in DC. And, of special importance, I support parents’ rights to make their own decisions for their child’s education, not the forced radical agenda of Critical Race Theory, Socialism, and Marxism we see being pushed in American education. As your representative, I will fight for your constitutional rights. I know how to stand up against the radical left because I have done it before. I know what it takes and I’ll do it again. I am running because it is time for my generation to stand for the rights our Founding Fathers enshrined in our Constitution.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes

“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”