About Us

Meet Our Party:

The Idaho GOP is responsible for putting together and executing a Victory Plan that includes working to identify Republican voters and getting them to the polls, Get-out-the-Vote, and Election Day operations.

The Idaho Republican Party hires field staff around the state to recruit volunteers and manage campaign activity throughout the State. We need to identify Republican voters and ensure they get to the polls in both May for the primary election and November for the general election.

We work to register new Republicans to vote and conduct an aggressive Absentee Ballot Program to ensure all Republican voices are heard.

The Idaho GOP is the only constant in a world of variables for every new GOP candidate in the state of Idaho. We provide the infrastructure and resources for a well-executed grassroots movement – which is the only way to guarantee victory for GOP candidates at all levels.

On Election Day the Idaho Republican Party manages phone banks, and trains and places poll watchers in key locations who field complaints of voter fraud and intimidation. An investment in the Idaho GOP never stops paying dividends, so be sure to make a donation today.

Meet Our Executive Committee:

  • Chairman: Tom Luna
  • 1st Vice Chairman: Machele Hamilton
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Mike Mathews
  • National Committeeman: Damond Watkins
  • National Committeewoman: Cindy Siddoway
  • Secretary: Marla Lawson
  • Treasurer: Stephen Parrott
  • Region I: Bjorn Handeen
  • Region II: Clinton Daniel
  • Region III: Viki Purdy
  • Region IV: Ed Humphreys
  • Region V: Wayne Hurst
  • Region VI: Terrell Tovey
  • Region VII: Ann Rydalch
  • Financial Chair: Melinda Smyser
  • Young Republicans Chair: Daniel Silver
  • IFRW President: Shirlayne Corder
  • College Republicans President: Garrett Peterson

Meet the IDGOP Staff:

Tyler Kelly, Executive Director

[email protected]

Jacob Miller, Director of Communications & External Affairs

[email protected]