Kristin Collum’s Response to Chief Security Officer’s Ties to Online Harassment of McGeachin Inadequate, Tone-Deaf

Oct. 31, 2018

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Kristin Collum this morning released a wholly inadequate and evasive statement responding to evidence that her self-described Chief Security Officer, Jerry Decime, may be the same person as “Patch Eudor,” an online troll who for months has been harassing Republican Janice McGeachin with manipulated images, photos, and false accusations that she is a Nazi and a white supremacist.

In her statement, Collum brushed off the behavior of Patch Eudor as “being mean” and questioned the “accuracy” and “seriousness” of the harassment leveled against McGeachin. She also called the allegations “petty.” (See below for links to at least some of the online postings of Patch Eudor.)

State Republican Party communications director Mary Strow said that Collum’s cavalier dismissal of Patch Eudor’s behavior is “astoundingly tone deaf.” Strow also noted that in her statement Collum did not deny that Patch Eudor and Decime are the same person.

“In six paragraphs, not once did Kristin Collum address whether her Chief Security Officer Jerry Decime is Patch Eudor,” said Strow. “There is ample evidence that Decime either is or is at least very closely tied to him. This is not a frivolous question. This goes to the heart of her judgment and the kind of people she would hire or rely on as a potential elected official.

“Additionally, to refer to the river of vile postings of Patch Eudor – whoever he is – as ‘being mean,’ and to characterize criticism of them as ‘petty’ is incredibly hypocritical for someone who claims to champion women. This behavior goes far beyond the normal rough-and-tumble of politics. This is revolting, and you’d have to be in denial to not see that it is also blatantly misogynistic.”

A list of some of the links of Patch Eudor’s online posts is available upon request. Screenshots are also available.

As was included in yesterday’s news release, here is some photo evidence indicating that Jerry Decime and Patch Eudor are the same person (Note: The Patch Eudor Facebook page appears to have been taken down so links may not work).

Profile of Jerry Decime from TechBeacon, plus close-up of photo:

Photo from Patch Eudor’s flickr stream. Patch Eudor/Jerry Decime appears to be on the far right. Plus a close-up photo:

Here is evidence that Jerry Decime and Patch Eudor are connected to the same company, Default Store Studios:

On his personal website Jerry Decime lists himself as co-founder of Default Store Studios.

On his Facebook page Patch Eudor lists himself as “Bird Jockey” at Default Store Studios:

And here are comparisons of photos found on Jerry Decime’s Facebook page (apparently inactive since 2011) and Patch Eudor’s flickr stream:

Photo of camera lens from Jerry Decime’s Facebook page:

Photo of camera lens from Patch Eudor’s flickr stream:


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