Is Kristin Collum’s ‘Chief Security Officer’ the Same Online Troll Who’s Been Harassing Janice McGeachin?

Oct. 30, 2018

Is Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Kristin Collum’s “Chief Security Officer” the same sleazy online troll who’s been harassing Republican Janice McGeachin for months?

It sure looks that way. “Patch Eudor” appears to be an alias for Jerry Decime, a man Collum somewhat grandly calls her “Chief Security Officer” on her campaign website (see below for evidence that indicates they are the same person).

Patch Eudor has been harassing and posting photos, manipulated images and screeds about McGeachin on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere online. Eudor’s posts and comments indicate fervent support for Collum. His behavior ranges from crude and misogynistic to near defamatory.

We will not include the photos and manipulated images here due to their sleazy nature, but we have screenshots of Patch Eudor posting them on various social media platforms. They include but are not limited to:

  • A family photo of McGeachin with her grown son with the headline, “Janice McGeachin: Party or Vote?” next to some votes she missed in her 10-year career in the state Legislature. The image does not indicate that the young man is McGeachin’s son, and leaves the impression that she is “partying” with him.
  • A manipulated image of McGeachin’s photo superimposed over a photo of the white nationalists/white supremacists from Charlottesville carrying tiki torches with the vile headline “We March with Janice McGeachin.”
  • A collage falsely implying that McGeachin is a Nazi and a white supremacist.

Mary Strow, communications director for the Idaho Republican Party, called the Collum campaign’s behavior “disgusting” and said Collum needs to come clean with the public about her Chief Security Officer’s actions.

“Kristin Collum has been presenting a false image to Idaho voters,” said Strow. “She acts like she’s a good-government ‘moderate’ who wants to get along with everyone. Meanwhile, she’s deputized her sleazy henchman to do her dirty work for her undercover. This behavior goes far beyond mere rough-and-tumble politics. It is disgusting, it is dishonest, it is underhanded, and it is not the kind of behavior anyone aspiring to public office, let alone the second-highest elected office in state government, should be engaging in.”

Strow noted that Collum has made cybersecurity one of the pillars of her campaign, and that entrusting someone like Decime/Eudor to be her Chief Security Officer calls into serious question her fitness for office.

“Can you imagine if Collum were to become lieutenant governor and bring someone like this into our state government? What Idahoan would want a person who engages in such unethical tactics anywhere near our government’s and our citizens’ private information?”

Here is some photo evidence indicating that Jerry Decime and Patch Eudor are the same person:

Profile of Jerry Decime from TechBeacon, plus close-up of photo:

Photo from Patch Eudor’s flickr stream. Patch Eudor/Jerry Decime appears to be on the far right. Plus a close-up photo:

Here is evidence that Jerry Decime and Patch Eudor are connected to the same company, Default Store Studios:

On his personal website Jerry Decime lists himself as co-founder of Default Store Studios.

On his Facebook page Patch Eudor lists himself as “Bird Jockey” at Default Store Studios:

And here are comparisons of photos found on Jerry Decime’s Facebook page (apparently inactive since 2011) and Patch Eudor’s flickr stream:

Photo of camera lens from Jerry Decime’s Facebook page:

Photo of camera lens from Patch Eudor’s flickr stream:

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