Help Our Candidates Win on Nov. 6!


Dear Fellow Idaho Republican,

With little more than a week until Idaho’s historic 2018 elections, your Idaho Republican Party is hard at work to get our message out to Idahoans and turn out the vote. Make no mistake, we are doing everything in our power to achieve success for our entire team on November 6.

But we still need your help ensure Republican victories on Election Day!

It is truly an honor to serve as the Idaho GOP Finance Chairman, because like you, I believe the solutions to our nation’s challenges can be found within the conservative principles we advocate. By electing Republicans on November 6, you will be doing your part to make sure we preserve, protect and build on our conservative Idaho values.

I am pleased to share with you that to date the Idaho Republican Party has:

  • Raised over $600,000 on our own accord in the last calendar year, without the financial support of traditional sources such as National Republican groups which have historically bolstered the Idaho GOP’s fundraising efforts.
  • Raised an incredible one-week fundraising record of over $110,000 earlier this month.
  • Received contributions from 562 new donors since the Primary Election.
  • Secured large contributions of over $90,000 from 20 brand-new or lapsed donors in just the past few months.
  • Launched and fully funded the 2018 Idaho GOP Bus Tour to send our statewide and congressional candidates across the state, visiting all 44 counties and making 74 stops to rally support for our Republican team.
  • Mailed an absentee ballot request mailer to a large and targeted Republican universe, covering over 110,000 Republican voters statewide.
  • Mailed an absentee ballot chase slate card to every Republican and independent requester.
  • Placed robocalls to houses that were mailed the absentee ballot request, alerting them to its arrival and urging them to respond.
  • Mailed out tens of thousands of campaign mailers in support of our Idaho state legislators in key swing districts.
  • Made over 250,000 traditional voter contacts via phone calls, door knocks, and on digital and social media to communicate our Republican message and promote our Republican candidates.

Executing these critical activities in support of our Republican team is due to your help and support. Like you, I believe that Republican principles in action have led us to be the prosperous and fastest growing state in the nation that we are, and we must not take this election for granted.

As we enter the home stretch, we need just a little more help to finish funding our critical get-out-the-vote efforts. Can we count on you this final time before the election?

Your donation of just $10, $25, $50 or $100  will help us push our Republican candidates across the finish line on November 6.

Thank you for your time and continued support of the Idaho Republican Party and the great state of Idaho.


Trent Wright, Finance Chair
Idaho Republican Party

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