Muffy Davis: In the Pocket of Left-Wing Special Interests

Democrat Muffy Davis, the left-wing special interests’ candidate of choice for state legislature in District 26, has the backing of well-funded partisans — some of them out-of-state — who want to trick voters into thinking she’s on the people’s side.


But Muffy Davis has shown her true colors: She’ll side with whoever has the deepest pockets and the biggest bank account.


Muffy Davis’ big-dollar, left-wing special interest friends sent out a deceptive campaign mailer paid for by a group that calls itself “Stronger Idaho,” but is in fact funded by state Democrats, Planned Parenthood Votes, and big-dollar donors, including ones from California and Chicago.


Stronger Idaho is a Political Action Committee funded by just a few special interests:


A wealthy leftist donor who’s active in Chicago politics:


California donors:



And the biggest funder of this deceptive ad is Planned Parenthood Votes:


Planned Parenthood Votes isn’t just about abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, with no limits or restrictions. It promotes an extreme agenda on many other issues:

Using the power of the federal government to force religious groups such as the Little Sisters of the Poor — an order of Catholic nuns devoted to caring for the poorest and most vulnerable — to carry health insurance that includes abortifacients and violates their religious beliefs.

Targeting, attacking and stopping crisis pregnancy centers — many of them faith-based and many here in Idaho — that provide help and support to pregnant women who choose to keep their babies.

Slandering law enforcement by characterizing police as engaging in “brutal policing.”

Teaming up with other gun control groups that want to ban many, if not most, of the guns being sold in America and Idaho today.

Praising radical groups like Black Lives Matter, which not only slander our police officers but also engage in hateful, bigoted rhetoric against people who don’t agree with its agenda.

Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and giving illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded healthcare.


Now Muffy Davis wants us to think she’ll stick up for regular people? Not a chance. She’ll do exactly what the left-wing special interests backing her campaign tell her to do.


Don’t believe Muffy Davis’ deceptive advertising.


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