Paulette Jordan Doubles Down on Claim She’s “The Only Real Idahoan, The Only Real American” in Governor’s Race

Oct. 15, 2018

In an interview published Sunday in the Coeur d’Alene Press, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan continued to assert her claim that she is “the only real Idahoan, the only real American” in the governor’s race.

The Coeur d’Alene Press reports:

“When asked to expand on her Sept. 21 statement, Jordan told The Press: ‘… to say that I am the real Idahoan, meaning that I haven’t come from Scotland, I didn’t come from any other country. I’m from here, which is why I’m so fully invested in protecting our Idaho into perpetuity.’

“When asked to clarify her claim to be the ‘only’ and ‘real’ Idahoan in the campaign, she continued, ‘For example, my opposition, you know, he’s a third-generation Scotsman. And I don’t have another country to say that I can go back to or go home to.'”

The chairman of the Kootenai County Democrats distanced himself from Jordan’s remarks, and most of the Democrats contacted by the paper declined comment.

Not all Democrats were critical of Jordan, however. Jordan’s self-professed “running mate” Kristin Collum offered her support:

“Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kristin Collum defended Jordan, saying ‘While she didn’t articulate it like I would, I believe Paulette Jordan’s intent was simply to contrast herself with her opponent, Brad Little, by pointing out that he, a third-generation Idahoan, is still a newcomer compared to the generations that Paulette’s ancestors have been on these lands.'”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little responded:

“‘There are roughly 1.7 million people living in Idaho, and that number is growing,’ Little told The Press. ‘People are moving to Idaho because they want to experience what we already know — our economy is strong and the opportunities here are growing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here for seven generations, like my grandkids, or you just moved to Idaho seven days ago — I’m running for governor to serve all Idahoans.'”

Idaho Republican Party chairman Jonathan Parker condemned Jordan’s remarks:

“Parker called Jordan’s remarks ‘absolutely deplorable and offensive.’ He said Jordan’s comments ‘would hurt relations between many different races of Americans,’ and would ‘strain and cause further problems for our country that are unnecessary.'”

The entire article is here .


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