Paulette Jordan Unplugged…From Reality: Compares herself to French President, claims ‘prophecies’ about her campaign, blames Republican demonstrator attacked by Socialist at anti-Kavanaugh protest

Oct. 9, 2018

At a friendly campaign forum in Boise last night, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan said there are “prophecies” about her candidacy, that people worldwide are looking to her campaign, and that she is similar to French President Emmanuel Macron.

In an often rambling performance hosted by the Maitri Sanghra Boise Buddhist community at the Cathedral of the Rockies, Jordan also said she’s “from the party of love” and is part of an “army of love,” but also blamed a peaceful Republican counter-demonstrator who was attacked at last Friday’s anti-Kavanaugh protest in Boise for being there to “incite anger.”

Jordan spoke on stage with Michael Sapiro of Maitri Sanghra. Video of the entire event is available on Facebook here. As is her usual practice, Jordan used the words “us” and “we” instead of “me” and “I” to describe herself and her campaign:

“There are people all over this globe who have said, there is better. There is a counter to Trump, there is a counter to Kavanaugh. And it starts here in Idaho. There are prophecies that tell us this. It is amazing – whether you believe in them or not – but I think it’s fascinating that people around the globe are having the same dreams, and they’re all coming to hear us here in Idaho and saying that they’re with us. You know, people are saying, there’s a hope, they’re saying, ‘Who is this Paulette Jordan?’ And I feel that this is something that’s interesting that they would compare what we have going on to, say, Emmanuel Macron in France.”

At the beginning of the event Jordan said, “I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’m from the party of love.” She also referred to herself as being part of an “army of love.”

In a contrast to her rhetoric about “love,” Jordan criticized a man — who she referred to as “this guy” — who peacefully counter-demonstrated at an anti-Brett Kavanaugh protest at Boise City Hall last Friday. The protest was organized by the “Revolutionary Marxist” Party for Socialism & Liberation and promoted by the Ada County Democratic Party.

The man, Ada County GOP Chairman Ryan Davidson, was standing away from the protesters with a Donald Trump cardboard cutout that had a “#ConfirmKavanaugh” sign taped to it when a self-described communist confronted him, screamed obscenities at him, ripped the head off his cutout, then spit on him. Jordan falsely claimed Davidson was there to “incite anger.” A reporter for KTVB-TV posted photos of Davidson on Twitter showing him standing peacefully at a considerable distance from the Socialist protesters. KTVB also recorded footage of the altercation, as well as one of the Socialist protesters attempting to stop the news crew from filming. Raw video (language NSFW) taken by the Ada County Republican Party can be viewed here.

Mary Strow, communications director for the Idaho Republican Party, said last night’s event “confirms, once again, that Paulette Jordan is wholly unsuited to be governor of Idaho.

“There’s a reason not one of Jordan’s Democrat colleagues in the Legislature endorsed her in the Primary. There’s a reason a longtime aide to former Democratic Governor Cecil Andrus called her ‘the most unqualified candidate’ he’s ‘seen in years.’

“Her whole campaign seems more focused on boosting her own ego and pushing her personal brand than actually wanting to serve the people of Idaho. Claiming she’s the subject of prophecies and comparing herself to the French President shows, once again, how out of touch with reality she is.”


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