Democrats team up with “Revolutionary Marxist” Socialists for anti-Kavanaugh protest in Boise

Oct. 5, 2018

For the second time in a week, the Ada County Democratic Party is teaming up with far-left socialists. Ada County Democrats are cross-promoting a protest against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh tonight in Boise that is being organized by the Party for Socialism & Liberation, which describes itself as “revolutionary Marxist.”

Last Sunday the Ada County Democrats welcomed the Boise Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America to its sparsely attended “Harvesting Change” progressive festival in Meridian. Several Democratic candidates, including Kristin Collum for Lieutenant Governor, Steve Berch and Jake Ellis for the State House in District 15, and Diana Lachiondo for Ada County Commissioner, were also there.

The Idaho Republican Party issued the following statement on tonight’s protest:

“The Democrats in Idaho and Ada County can pretend all they like that they’re ‘moderate’ or ‘independent.’ They can leave the word ‘Democrat’ off their candidates’ campaign materials in an attempt to hide their party affiliation. But when they actively partner with extremist socialist groups that are openly hostile to Idaho values and American values, they show their true colors.”

The Party for Socialism & Liberation promotes revolutionary Marxism and communism, calls police “racist” and perpetrators of “terror,” supports the brutal Democratic Socialist Venezuelan dictatorship, and many other extreme positions.

Below are social media posts from the Party for Socialism & Liberation and the Ada County Democratic Party promoting the anti-Kavanaugh protest:


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