Paulette Jordan’s Meltdown Continues: Jordan Launches Angry Personal Attacks Against Media, Individual Voters

Sept. 24, 2018

Over the past three days Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan has lashed out at the media and even some voters as questions continue about staff turmoil and questionable campaign finance dealings.

On Friday during an interview with 670 KBOI Radio’s Nate Shelman (recorded on video by KTVB-TV), Jordan referred to reports of problems on her campaign as “the same lies reported by one individual.” Jordan appeared to be speaking of a reporter for the Idaho Statesman who broke the story of Jordan’s three top staffers resigning and being made to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and the campaign coordinating with a federal political action committee (PAC).

Later in the interview Jordan said “everyone’s running scared, even the media. You know, these lies are going to come out.”

The day before, at an Idaho Falls City Club forum on Sept. 20, Jordan also denounced the media’s coverage of her campaign, saying, “You know the media really lack integrity — with the Statesman it’s unfortunate. Given that lack of integrity has certainly misconstrued the reality of everything.”

But Jordan didn’t stop at attacking the media. Over the weekend she went after two people on social media.

On Saturday Jordan commented on an Instagram post that was critical of Idaho Democrats. The person who shared the post included the hashtag #paulettejordan. Jordan left two comments, one of which said, “This is psychotic.”

On Sunday Jordan responded to a comment on her “Jordan for Governor” Facebook page from a self-described progressive voter who indicated he was concerned about the staff turnover and wanted Jordan to release the former staffers from their NDAs so they could speak publicly. Jordan wrote a lengthy response, saying in part,

“I’m not sure of the intent of your message other than to smear a good campaign… my team and I have been fully cooperative even when the line of professionalism was crossed formulating questionable actions lacking journalistic integrity…Yet, still, we’ve cooperated and expressed in length a response to your concerns, countering the accusations and lies with the truth. Now, unless you are truly concerned about Idaho, our values and our future, I would suggest that you visit our campaign headquarters to experience the truth yourself. 

“Unfortunately, we have to get through all the sensationalism, the political rhetoric and the distorted lies built on double standards and thick hypocrisy.”

The Idaho Republican Party says Jordan’s attacks, on top of the serious questions and allegations about her campaign, raise doubts about how she would act as governor.

“Instead of taking responsibility for her campaign and being open and transparent with the public, Paulette Jordan is sidestepping the tough questions and engaging in angry personal attacks,” said state GOP communications director Mary Strow. “This is not the kind of behavior most Idahoans would want from a governor.”


Below are screenshots of Jordan’s social media comments. The names of the original poster on Instagram, and the commenter on Facebook, have been obscured. Links to both posts are in the body of this news release.

Instagram post:

Facebook post:

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