QUESTIONS FOR PAULETTE JORDAN: She’s back from California. Time for her to come clean about her campaign.

Sept. 18, 2018

On Friday, Sept. 14, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan’s campaign descended further into chaos as three of her top staffers — campaign manager, communications director and scheduler — abruptly quit. According to news reports none of them could speak publicly about what happened because Jordan made them sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

This is not the first time Jordan has had personnel problems: Right before the May Primary Election, her two top staffers also resigned.

While this was happening, Jordan was in Southern California in the Los Angeles area for a Hollywood fundraiser on Sunday and to film a movie about herself titled “PAULETTE.”

Now that she’s back in Idaho from her California sojourn it’s time for her to answer some questions about her campaign:

1) Why did three of her top campaign staff quit abruptly?

2) Why did she make her staffers sign NDAs?

3) Does she have an explanation for why one of the staffers who resigned Friday told the Idaho Statesman, “I’m so embarrassed and ashamed“?

State GOP communications director Mary Strow said that because this situation appears to be more than a simple staffing re-shuffle, Jordan owes the people of Idaho an explanation.

“Jordan is asking Idaho voters to elect her governor of this state and she can’t even properly run her campaign. In just seven months of campaigning she’s racked up a long record of serious management problems. She needs to be up-front, accountable and truthful. Idahoans deserve no less.”


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