Idaho Democrats Embrace Radical Left Group

Sept. 18, 2018

Some of the top Democratic candidates in Idaho – including candidate for governor Paulette Jordan and for lieutenant governor Kristin Collum – are proudly touting their endorsement from a group so far to the left it almost makes Bernie Sanders look like a moderate.

United Vision for Idaho, along with its sister organizations United Action for Idaho and Rise Up, Idaho, has endorsed Jordan, Collum and many Democratic candidates. It is a state outpost of the national far-left group “People’s Action,” which is funded by a consortium of leftist billionaires and multimillionaires under the “Democracy Alliance” umbrella. People’s Action and Democracy Alliance are so-called “dark money” organizations, making it difficult to know how much money they spend and how they spend it.

UVI’s endorsements are based on candidates’ agreement with the organization’s “Rise Up, Idaho” platform and their responses to the group’s candidate questionnaire. There are two versions of the platform online, here and here. It includes:

  • Government-run healthcare: “universal coverage (such as an improved Medicare for All system.)”
  • “Mass liberation” of incarcerated prison inmates.
  • “Reparations for marginalized communities.”
  • “Regulate the private [housing] market, landlords, [and] big banks.”
  • “Banning assault rifles.”
  • Open borders: “We will fight to ensure our country welcomes all and against our current immoral system designed to exploit the labor of workers for corporate profit. We will fight against the militarization of our borders, [and] detention.”

The group’s far-left ideology doesn’t stop at its platform: The “Recommended Reading” list on its website includes books by a revolutionary Socialist anti-capitalist, an apologist for communist leader Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union, and a Marxist who wants to overthrow capitalism and looks favorably on the totalitarian Democratic Socialist government of Venezuela.

State Republican Party chairman Jonathan Parker says the fact that so many Idaho Democrats have embraced such a far-left group “calls into serious question their judgment and their ability to represent the people of Idaho.”

“It is almost beyond belief that any Democrat in Idaho would want to be the slightest bit associated with such an extremist organization, let alone embrace its platform and brag about its endorsement,” said Parker.

“The Democrat candidates who are now on record as agreeing with this left-wing group need to explain themselves to voters. The platform is far outside the mainstream and openly hostile to the values of most Idahoans.”

According to the United Action for Idaho website, the following Democratic candidates have been fully endorsed:

Paulette Jordan– Governor
Kristin Collum– Lieutenant Governor
Aaron Swisher– Congressional District 2
Cristina McNeil– Congressional District 1
Shem Hanks– House B (District 4)
John Rusche– House B (District 6)
Chase VanWeerdhuizen– House B (District 9)
Chris Ho- House B (District 13)
Richard Boozel-Senate (District 14)
Maryanne Jordan– Senate (District 17)
Sue Chew– House B (District 17)
Janie Ward-Engelking– Senate (District 18)
Cherie Buckner Webb– Senate (District 19)
Mik Lose– Senate (District 22)
Deborah Silver – House B (District 24)
Michelle Stennett- Senate (District 26)

Mark Nye– Senate (District 29)

The following candidates have been partially endorsed:

Muffy Davis – House A (District 26) –Partial Agreement – 3 pts
Sally Toone – House B (District 26) –Partial Agreement – 6 pts
Dale Broadsword – Senate (District 2) – Partial Agreement – 7pts

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