A First Look at the Out-of-State Leftist Groups Active in Idaho

Idaho’s status as a red state hasn’t stopped well-funded out of state “progressive” groups from establishing beachheads here.

These left-wing organizations are funded by billionaires and multimillionaires including the infamous George Soros, Californian Tom Steyer and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, just to name a few. They have deep pockets and run “dark money” organizations (donations and expenditures are largely free from public scrutiny) to advance their agendas. In many cases they are working against Republican candidates and for Democratic candidates in Idaho.

In the coming weeks we’ll go more in-depth on these groups, but for now we’ll give you a brief overview.



The Democracy Alliance is the parent organization of a variety of left-wing groups . It is funded by very wealthy donors whose money is funneled down to the smaller groups. Billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, among other ultra-rich leftists, are donors.

Here are the Idaho organizations, that we know of, which are part of the Democracy Alliance network:


‘Better Idaho’

Better Idaho is an affiliate of ProgressNow, one of Democracy Alliance’s front groups. Bought attack ads against Republican legislators before the Primary. Although they claim to be for campaign finance transparency, there is no record of where their money comes from or how much they’ve spent. They skirted campaign disclosure laws by running their attack ads before they’d have to file a disclosure form with the Secretary of State. Their national agenda, as indicated below in the advocacy of various state ProgressNow groups, includes:

  • Shutting down faith-based pregnancy clinics (click here to read about how Better Idaho’s counterpart in Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado, is under fire for smear tactics against a crisis pregnancy center).
  • Prohibiting state & local law enforcement from cooperating with federal law enforcement on a wide range of illegal immigration control efforts.
  • Banning whole categories of guns and imposing strict gun-control laws.


‘United Vision for Idaho’/ ‘United Action for Idaho’/ ‘Rise Up, Idaho’

United Vision for Idaho, United Action for Idaho and Rise Up, Idaho are all part of the same organization. They endorsed Democrats Paulette Jordan for governor, Kristin Collum for Lieutenant Governor, and many other state Democratic candidates. Says Jordan has endorsed its “Rise Up” platform. Affiliate of several Democracy Alliance groups: People’s Action, Economic Policy Institute, and The Center for Popular Democracy. Attempting to organize a Resistance-style movement in rural Idaho. Some of United Vision’s beliefs as stated on its website and its social media posts include:



Although separated into two groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are one and the same. Run out of New York City and funded by Michael Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend $80 million nationwide this year to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans. Like Democracy Alliance, because these are dark money groups we don’t know exactly how much they’re spending, but in 2015 Everytown’s expenses were $41.6 million.

Everytown/ Moms Demand are active in Idaho, with paid staff on the ground. Their agenda & beliefs include:



Indivisible (or Indivisible Guide) has several outposts in Idaho. Founded by former leftist Democratic congressional staffers to “resist the Trump agenda.” Endorsed Paulette Jordan for governor. Also a dark money group; it “has not disclosed where its money is coming from.”

Some of Indivisible’s beliefs and agenda item include:


Believe it or not, these are just a sampling of the extreme-left views held by these groups. Keep in mind, they are working on behalf of Democratic Party candidates and against Republican candidates right here in Idaho. Coming soon: closer looks at each of these organizations individually.

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