U.S. Jobless Claims at Lowest Rate Since 1969

July 19, 2018

More great news for American workers today, as reported by Bloomberg:

Unemployment lines across the U.S. last week were the shortest since December 1969, according to a Labor Department report Thursday that showed an unexpected drop in filings for jobless benefits.

With a tight labor market and employers trying to find skilled workers, the White House is also focusing on workforce training: Preparing students for available good-paying jobs, and helping workers who are midway through their careers get new skills, to help them succeed in an ever-changing workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean college or university — vocational and technical training can give workers the skills needed for good-paying jobs.

Here’s a video from today that expands on the types of workforce training programs the Trump administration is championing:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxu9nSINO2Q[/embedyt]