Idaho Ranks 5th in the Nation for College Readiness!

US News & World Report, partnering with McKinsey, just ranked the top ten states in the nation where students are most prepared for college, and Idaho earned the Number 5 spot! Overall, 55.2 percent of Idaho students are ready for college.

Republican leaders in Idaho are in the midst of a multi-year effort to improve the quality of education in our state, to significantly increase funding for our schools, and to expand opportunities for college and/or additional education past high school.

You hear a lot of negativity from Down-on-Idaho Democrats about how terrible our education system is, and how we’re a “scroll-down state.” While there’s always room for improvement and we’re continually working to make our schools better, the Democrats’ negative rhetoric simply doesn’t square with the facts.

Congratulations to our teachers, students and parents who are showing the nation that Idaho schools are a great place to learn!