Blurred Signs: Paulette Jordan blots out name of Idaho company while embracing out-of-state groups

July 12, 2018

Boise – Notice anything odd about this photo from Paulette Jordan’s Instagram?

It’s from the July 4 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration in Idaho Falls, and Jordan appears to have specifically blurred out the name of the event sponsor, Melaleuca, a major employer in the state. Republicans are asking why.

“It’s strange that Paulette Jordan doesn’t want to be associated with a homegrown Idaho business, especially when she’s so happy to advertise her far-flung travels to speak to out-of-state groups,” said Idaho Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Parker.

Parker said that for Jordan, whose campaign relies more on image than substance, the decision is noteworthy.

“Why is she trying to hide the name of this company? She never blurs out the name of those other organizations, most of them on the far left. She’s clearly proud of her association with them. Isn’t she proud of what Idaho businesses have achieved?”

Jordan’s social media feeds are full of photos of her at various out-of-state events, with no blurring effect applied to the names of the event sponsors.

At the Teen Vogue Summit in New York City in June:

With People’s Action in Washington, D.C. in April:

At a Women’s March Las Vegas political rally in January:

“Paulette Jordan seems more comfortable publicly embracing these out-of-state groups, which promote policies that are openly hostile to the values of most Idaho voters, than she does acknowledging the accomplishments and successes of Idaho companies which provide good jobs to Idahoans and contribute so much to our economy,” said Parker.

“Her tactics might appeal to the far-left activists and national donors she’s pandering to, but they won’t fool the people of Idaho.”









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