Republicans close out convention ready to take their message of Idaho Values to the voters

June 30, 2018

Pocatello – The state Republican convention wrapped up today with a unifying theme of respecting and promoting the values of the people of Idaho.

Convention delegates, alternates and guests heard from most of the party’s statewide candidates, including GOP gubernatorial nominee Lt. Gov. Brad Little, as well as 1st Congressional District candidate Russ Fulcher, about why the Republican Party aligns most closely with the values and beliefs of most Idahoans.

On Friday night Lt. Col. Oliver North, the incoming president of the National Rifle Association, addressed a sold-out dinner crowd in Holt Arena on the Idaho State University campus in Pocatello. On Saturday afternoon, convention delegates elected the following state party officers:

  • Jonathan Parker of Boise was re-elected Chairman, unopposed.
  • Jennifer Locke of Hayden was elected 1st Vice Chair.
  • Bryan Smith of Idaho Falls was elected 2nd Vice Chair.
  • Tom Kealey of Boise was elected Treasurer.
  • Marla Lawson of Lowman was re-elected Secretary, unopposed.

“Idaho is a great state, and we want to keep it great,” said Parker. “Under Republican leadership at the state and local level, Idaho’s economy is growing, our state budget is nationally recognized for being fiscally responsible, taxpayer dollars are spent far more wisely than many other states, and we are a place where families want to raise their children.

“As Brad Little said, it’s no accident that Idaho is such a great place to live. It’s because of the values and character of the people of Idaho that we are so special. Republicans respect and understand the people of Idaho. We’re not trying to ‘change’ Idaho, as the Democrats would like to do, and impose the same failed policies of states like California that have caused so many people to flee and make this their new home.

“We are taking our message of economic growth, fiscally responsible leadership, pro-family policies and preserving Idaho’s values to every voter in this state.”


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