Chairman Parker Op-ed — Idaho Republicans Leading the Way

Just over two months ago, I was honored to be elected as the Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.  I am excited to serve in this capacity at a critical time in our state’s history.  The 2018 elections will impact an entire generation and Idaho, with its Republican leadership, can continue to grow as an even stronger beacon for thriving families and growing businesses.  We invite you, all Idahoans who share the desire to see a prosperous Idaho, to join us in creating a state that can demonstrate to the nation and to the world what real Republican governance looks like, and what our values can mean for the people of a free society.


Idaho is growing rapidly and my goal as Chairman is to grow this party and have it reach out to voters, new and old, in ways that Idaho has never seen before.  While parties are judged on winning elections, I will seek ways to increase awareness of what our party stands for and how we can communicate our principles through inclusiveness and getting more people involved in the Idaho Republican Party.


As the youngest Republican Chairman in recent memory, reaching out to our younger generation is of immense importance to me.  There is no doubt in my mind that we must strive to offer them a Republican Party that embraces the winds of change while espousing the basic conservative principles that are the bedrock of this party.  We must do everything we can to engage this new generation and make them feel welcome in our ranks.


While it’s a fact that Idaho is a Republican state, we must always work hard to earn the votes of our fellow citizens in every election, never taking anything for granted.  I will always remind our Republican candidates that holding office is a privilege that Republicans must use to bring forth a government that is effective by empowering individuals, families, and businesses to flourish.


I have a vision for a Republican Party that is an open and inclusive Party.  We pride ourselves for espousing basic conservative Republican principles and welcome all individuals who share our common-held beliefs in limited government, personal responsibility, lower taxes, and more freedom to join us.


That is why I was recently disheartened to read of the formation of a PAC, whose sole mission is to have Democrats switch to the Republican Party simply for the sake of voting in the Republican primary.  While this is truly no more than an organized effort in political chicanery, I believe in an open, inclusive, and big-tent party that always invites and welcome those with heartfelt political commonalities to join us.


As we are nearing the end of 2017, I look forward to 2018 and bringing the message of the Idaho Republican Party to all corners of our great state.  We will build a stronger Party that will play an integral role in helping create a vision for our eventual nominees and standard-bearers.  It is my grandest vision and greatest honor to help establish our great state as the shining city on the hill for the rest of the nation to witness first-hand that basic Republican principles in action work for the greater good.

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