Statement from New Chairman, Jonathan Parker

Dear Fellow Republican,
I want to thank you, the loyal supporters of the Idaho Republican Party, for putting your faith in me to serve as your state Chairman. I know that the job comes with its challenges and that we are at a critical time in our history. Thanks to the party faithful like you and to the previous party chairman, who left the party in good shape, I am certain that we are in a great position to build on our successes in this very Republican state.
As your chairman, you have my personal pledge that I will follow and enforce the rules of the Idaho Republican Party and will treat everyone with fairness and respect.  Additionally, the Idaho Republican Party will treat each of our primary election candidates equally, with fairness, and then will rally behind our eventual nominees after the primary election. It is also my aim to strengthen and empower the grassroots, the heart and soul of the Idaho Republican Party, and to support and promote our Party platform in my position as your Chairman.
The 2018 elections will have ramifications for an entire generation. Idaho, with its Republican leadership, can continue to grow as an even stronger beacon for free markets, economic opportunity, and thriving families and businesses. We, here in Idaho, can demonstrate to the nation and the world what real Republican governance looks like and what our values can mean for the people of free society.
That is why we must forge ahead. We must work hard. We must take nothing for granted if we are to continue to build on our successes. Having won elections for years, I will do everything we can to mobilize the resources we need for a successful 2018.Working together, I believe that we can make Idaho the shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan imagined for America.
As the youngest GOP chairman in memory, I’d like to address an issue that is of great concern to me and to the party. We are now at a moment in time when change is occurring faster, and as never before seen in human history. We are inspired by our past, but to be successful we must look to and inspire the future. We must strive to offer younger generations a Republican Party that embraces the winds of change while espousing those basic conservative principles that are the underpinning of our party: small and responsible government, fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility.
Young people prize freedom, and ours is the one party committed to protecting freedom and the belief that our rights come from God, not from government. Let’s do everything we can to engage this new generation and so that they see the value in the Party that we see, and so that we are always adding new, young Idahoans to our ranks.
Finally, allow me to also express my sincere gratitude for your understanding for missing our summer meeting last month while we were out of state attending to a family matter. Your encouragement and support meant a great deal to us, and while the outcome of our journey wasn’t what we had hoped, you should know we were comforted and heartened by your prayers. We’d also ask for your continued support and prayers as we go forward.
It is an honor to serve as your chairman. Thank you again for all you do for Idaho and for the Idaho Republican Party.
Jonathan Parker
Chairman, Idaho Republican Party
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