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Yes. By clicking the Register to Vote button on the right side of the page you will be sent to the Idaho Department of State web page with instructions on how to register to vote in the State of Idaho.

No. The only way you may cast a vote during an election is through the mail via absentee ballot or go to the polls and vote during your county's early voting period or on Election Day.

Yes. Please Contact us at info@idgop.orgor at (208) 906-2616 and we would be happy to help you with that.

Yes. You may contribute to IDGOP by clicking word "Donate" that appears at the top of the page. All contributions are received on an encrypted web page which ensures your information is confidential and safe.

No. If you wish to contribute to an individual campaign you may contact IDGOP staff for specific information on a campaign, including address and contact information.

Yes. Please share with as many friends, family and fellow Republicans as you wish. Even share with a member of another political party. Who knows, you may just make them a Republican!

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