Statement on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch

BOISE, ID – IDGOP Chairman Steve Yates issued the following statement regarding the announcement of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee.

“Neil Gorsuch is an excellent choice for the Supreme Court, and will interpret the constitution as it was written. Gorsuch is an outstanding choice to fill the shoes of Justice Scalia.

Many Americans considered this Supreme Court vacancy to be the most important issue of the election and voters overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump to select their next Justice.

Now, Democrats are up to their same antics. Rather than respecting the overwhelming will of the people to nominate a conservative Supreme Court Justice, they are threatening to filibuster the nomination. It is time for Democrats to get out of the way. As Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and many others have said, “elections have consequences.”

I commend Senator Mike Crapo for his excellent work on this issue, as well as both his, and Senator Jim Risch’s determination to ensure Gorsuch is confirmed.”

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